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The CryptoLexicon


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Guild Card #12

Definition: Used to signal that you are over-invested in a failing project, but instead of cutting your losses you are going to double down on the underdog asset and hope to convince others to do the same by invoking the term, usually on twitter.

By: @dujomaton

Price: .1 eth

The CryptoLexicon is the community-owned dictionary for web3. 26 winning Season 1 submissions have been conjured into machine-dream animations, inserted into 3D Guild Cards and minted.

Each Card is a skeleton key bestowing upon each owner access to The CryptoLexicon Guild. We are a tokenized society that gathers to form ideas and make decisions that will shape the CryptoLexicon, and define the very future of web3.

Only 26 cards are minted per season. All proceeds go to definers and Season 2.

The entire CryptoLexicon Season 1 Collection is on OpenSea

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