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The web3 Dictionary


Dear CryptoLexicographers,

We fixed the cost of gas for submitting to the CryptoLexicon. Coining and submitting your web3 term and definition now costs ~$12 in gas.

Here's the story: 

We built the CryptoLexicon as a crowd-sourced dictionary for anyone with a wallet and a couple bucks in crypto to share their web3 terms and definitions. By wrapping each submission and $CPLX token up into one transaction though, gas fees for participating soared to between $80 and $150. Like WT actual F...our linguisto-crypto-graphic playground was built for all. This barrier to entry flew against the CryptoLexicon’s spirit of inclusivity. Not the web3 we signed up for.

To mitigate submission gas fees and increase accessibility, we are splitting the submission and the $CPLX token drop into two discrete transactions. Now when you submit you will encounter a drastically reduced ~$7- $12 gas cost. 

To give folks some time back, we’re also extending the open submission period by one week, to close January 27th. Anyone who submits will be notified and can pick up their token at pre-designated periods prior to Season 2, when gas fees are acceptable. Be sure to include your Twitter handle and follow
@cryptol3x1c0n so we can send you your token collection notification. 

As a thank you for those that braved the gas prices and already submitted to the CryptoLexicon before January 15th @ 4pm PST, you qualify for a well-deserved tokenized thank you. 

Any questions drop in


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