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The NFT Powered Dictionary for web3

and watch it transform into a machine dream animation

Season 1 Submissions are now closed.

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Season 1
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How it works

Welcome to The CryptoLexicon, the community-owned dictionary for web3.

Season 1 of The CryptoLexicon is open for submissions, from January 13 - 27.


Just connect your wallet and submit your web3 term + definition. Terms can be concepts, companies, DAOs, DEXs, or some frothy verbiage you and your pals used for a week. You can submit as many terms as you want.

For your contribution, you receive:

• On-Chain recognition in the CrytpoLexicon forevermore

• A $CPLX token (Season 2 unlocks)

• Entrance into a fractionalized ownership pool with all other submitters - 20% of the Cryptolexicon's NFT Card Collection’s proceeds and 40% of the MasterLexicon NFT proceeds.

• A one-of-a-kind Submission Card containing an AI-generated artistic interpretation of your term. We’ll DM you when yours ready!


Here's some work from our AI Artist:

Dog on a rocket.gif
Burning a token.gif

To fund the dictionary, we are minting a limited-edition CryptoLexicon NFT Card Collection featuring the best submissions, as voted on by our community. Each contains your submission, Twitter handle (optional) and your custom animation. 

If your term is selected for The NFT Card Collection, you receive 20% of that NFT Card's proceeds. 

CryptoLexicon Card 1.gif

An ownable Master Lexicon NFT Publication in all its comprehensive glory will drop on Mirror 03/15/2022.

Here's what Season 1 looks like from above:

Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 5.07.28 PM.png

You can get more information and technical detail about the CryptoLexicon here


If you are a definer, a developer, an artist, or a writer, and would like to get involved in the future of The CryptoLexicon, hop on into the Discord, #cryptolexicon. We'd love to hear from you.


Pentagraph & The New Computer Corporation

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